Friday, May 27, 2011

Why I started a golf blog

My idea for this blog came to me while trying to hunt down some high school golf scores.  Why are they so hard to find?  If I could find it, why only scores from the medalists when high school golf is a team sport?  While your #1 player may fire the low score, the #3 and #4 players are often the real story giving the team a win or loss.  I liken it to the quarterback getting the glory when the line protected him all day, or the 30 point scorer with the headlines but the 12 boards the reserve pulled in was the real difference in the game.  Why not do it myself then?  So here it is, coverage and my thoughts on all things golf.  I'll cover those that you know and some that you may not have heard of that have accomplished their own great feats.  We can chat about courses, equipment, rulings, the pros, instruction tips...I am open to anything!  I hope you will enjoy reading and participate by letting me know stories you may have and by asking questions.  I have had the opportunity to meet a lot of people through golf and my goal is to get an expert answer.  Thanks for visiting my blog!

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